Quick cam shaft/timing question

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Ok so I'm replacing timing chains and I've taken the old ones off, however the top right sprockets are not in the same alignment that book shows. So I put on 2 chains(drivers side, and oil pump chains)in order to move sprockets by turning cam shaft. However now when I turn the cam shaft it springs back....?
Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
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You must follow each step in the installation. The guide will give you which to do first, then rotate X amount and do the next step, then rotate again x amount, etc. You must follow it exactly to avoid damage.

Anyone with AllData can print you the instructions step by step. I'll try and look through my notes and get it to you.

Good time to clean your intake valves as well. Tape off each port except the one your going to clean, look close to make sure both valves are closed completely so no debris falls into the cylinder, and preform the cleaning with either the pick and brush or best is the walnut shell media blasting. When one port is complete, move to the next taping off he one you completed. Let me know if you need more assistance. Email me direct if you like at RXProducts@aol.com

Also, make sure you get the latest catchcan design from Elite Engineering ( E2-X dual outlet) and the cleanside separator to stop any further coking.


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