What factors directly correlate to additional Horsepower?

Bolt-Ons, Intakes, Exhaust, Ignition, Pulleys

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:58 am
bambam72_1999 wrote:Well then I have a question. I have a Vararam intake, ported TB, black iceolator, bbk lt headers, corsa catback exhaust and a Trifecta tune and only picked up 21 rwhp over stock? Where is all the power that I should be making with this amount of bolt ons? Can someone please give some insight into why roughly $3500 in bolt ons only picked me up 21 RWHP??? :banghead:

I know how you feel. Depending on the dyno, the time of day, weather and a few other star alignment factors getting dyno numbers is tricky. Try not to use it for total new HP over what you had.

Did you dyno bone stock at the same place?

Was the conditions exactly the same when you did both dyno runs, (stock vs. mods)?

Did you go back to the same dyno shop for the mod runs?

HEre is a link to a GREAT article that I have posted many times for people to get an understanding about dynos. Read the article and you will get a good feeling about how dynos are ALL different.

http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/gene ... o_testing/

Also, I have similar mods, OBX Headers, INJEN CAI, Ported Throttle Body, Black-Iceolator, MRT Axle Back, Magnaflow resonated X pipe, and Trifecta Tune. I did my first set and only set of dyno pulls for a charity event. I was not overly excited about my HP #'s either. 261 However it was a warm, humid day on a portable trailer dyno. I was impressed with the torque numbers thou. 263 with it over 250 from 2500 rpm's to 5000 rpms

I just did a new 0 - 60 run this morning, first time in a long time. Ran my best to date. 5.23 comparred to a previous best of 5.5.

I have made over 100 passes at the track and have them all on a spreadsheet. As a whole adding all my stuff together shows I have made good gains at the track.

Hope this helps a little.


PS: I have $2400 into all of my investment, including tax, set-up frieght, shipping, handling, welding, dinner for an installer, etc.
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yea don't worry too much about dyno numbers, the track times are where the gains matter. I dyno queen can be the slowest car at the track if it isn't set up properly. lol
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