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See Below for sound clips :)
Hi my name is Travis and I have an addiction, an addiction to anything and everything dealing with v6 camaros. :wave:

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Gibson Axle-back:

Gibson Axle-back, resonator delete, Injen CAI:

Gibson Axle-back, Magnaflow True-X pipe, Injen CAI:
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You can use my YouTube clips that are on camaro5. I'll have to add my mods to my sig, but I have injen cai, bbk lt, corsa catback, and hurst short shifter
Injen CAI, BBK Long Tube headers, Corsa Catback exhaust, Hurst short shifter, Eibach lowering springs, BMR Trailing Arms and Bushings, RX Catch can and Breather...
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I would add mine, but Demon Hunter already did. :)
Sold :(
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SDCamaro10 wrote:I would add mine, but Demon Hunter already did. :)

Your Welcome... :D
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MRT 2.0 axle back with Injen CAI. I was at Lapeer Dragway and took a sound bite on the way there and a couple while at the track (filmed in HD) Last one has some of mine while passing on the highway from another Camaro.

for my build check here... ..........................................................TEAM LLT
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Oh please...I can do better. lol j/k!

Last update: 2/6/2012

Note: At this point in time, I'm still unsure whether or not all of the exhaust setups below will fit a 2012+ V6 Camaro. Axle-backs SHOULD. Cat-backs probably. Headers WILL NOT for a 2012 and up Camaro V6.

Another Note: You will see many references to the magnaflow resonated X here. The part number for this product is 11386.

Another thing: If you can, definitely listen to these clips with either a good set of headphones, ear buds, or a good desktop PC system that can reproduce low bass. Helps a ton!

But seriously...I don't see any reason not to add this here. Below is basically a copy of my sticky exhaust thread from the Camaro5 website. I realize we want to make this site stand on its own, but I don't see why we can't already use the info that is out there! If we can't, well then thats fine too and this post can be removed.

Axle-back and Cat-back kits (custom or kits) are the first section. Section two will feature cars with shorty headers installed, and section 3 will feature cars with Long Tube headers installed. The stock sound (for comparison purposes) can be found at the very bottom.

***SECTION 1 - AXLE-BACKS / CAT-BACKS ******************************

First up...the simple muffler delete:
Just a warning, several owners have tried a muffler delete, and while it is good on the SS, on the V6 it usually ends up being very loud and very raspy. Most don't like it. For some reason, The camaro in the above video didn't turn out so bad!...but its still very loud!

GMPP exhaust with sound and pics.
Another new vid:

Borla Pro-X's. Now from what I understand, the GMPP exhausts are made by Borla, but the exhaust installed on this car is not the same model as the GM exhaust. According to this thread starter, these are the Pro-X street mufflers. There are 4 or 5 vids spread throughout this thead.
Find the official Borla Camaro exhaust below in this thread.

Magnaflows. First post in the thread lists two part numbers. First thread listed has a link to a page with TWO sound files...take off and pass by for the cat-back exhaust.
Here is a camaro5 member with a few youtube videos of his magnaflow cat-back:
..and next is a link to a member who has installed the axel-back:

Here is another custom Magnaflow Exhaust. Pictures and videos can be found on his thread at:

Another custom Magnaflow. Kelly uses custom tubing and a dual in, dual out magnaflow exhaust to achieve this sound. View his thread at:
View his youtube video at:
View in-cabin video at:

Yet again another custom Magnaflow setup. Following link is a video I found while surfing I contacted the video author and he responded that the magnaflow mufflers he used are part# 11235 and nothing else as far as he knows. Click for more details.

Below is my Magnaflow custom setup. Using Same mufflers as above video, but also with a Magnaflow resonated X-pipe. See details in the thread below:

Custom Magnaflow setup using parts M14416 Magnapack SS 2.5", 14" Tank, 35164 4" SS-Tips. Check throughout thread for videos

MRT Exhaust Version1...aka scrming exhaust V1 This began as a custom job done by Camaro5 member scrming and MRT, but now MRT is selling these kits. This thread shows some videos of him testing his car from take off, pass by, neighborhood crusing speeds, and even some track testing (camara mounted on side of car).

MRT Exhaust Version 2. Aka scrming exhaust V2 View this thread to view MRT's 2nd offering for the camaro. Its said to have less drone, with a bit of a smoother, lower tone than MRT's other kit.
A couple more great videos on the track, in cabin, and drive by:

SLP has posted vids of their exhausts. 3 of them for the V6.
'Powerflow' Axle-back:
'Loud Mouth' Axle-back:
Another good comparison vid:
'Loud Mouth II' Axle-back:
A few 'Loud Mouth II' threads:

Corsa: There are vids on pages 1 and 2 of this thread.

Borla Exhaust: These are the actual Camaro designed Borla X-pipe exhausts. (vids beginning on page 2)

Stainless Works: As of 1/26/10 Stainless Works has began producing a revised V6 catback exhaust. Check it out at:

MBRP Inc: Video clips of MBRP's exhaust for road runs and dyno runs have been posted to youtube.
Clip 1 -
Clip 2 -
Thread with video discussing a camaro5 member's installation of this exhaust can be found at:
Also, a thread over at discussing this exhaust can be found here:

Doug Thorley Exhaust cat-back. Be sure to read his posts in this thread for a bit more info. More cars with this cat-back and the DT shorty headers can be found in the Shorty Headers section below.

Here is a custom job done by Camaro5 member suavecito1177. This thread shows some videos of the car reving, and some in-cabin driving. Keep in mind (as of this writing) the two posted videos on show two different set ups he tried on his car before settling on one. View the post for details at:

SOLO Performance. (newer Solo posts at bottom) Check out this SOLO thread for their manual and automatic V6 exhausts videos.
View even more clips (includes V6 and V8) at:
For those worried about, or current experiencing too much drone, SOLO has created a "tunable" exhaust system. Results were very positive. See the first thread at:
Soon after, SOLO made available a set of high flow CATs for the V6 and developed this around their J pipe system for a high performance, and claimed drone free exhaust. View the High Flow cat thread at:
...and the Camaro5 group buy thread (with lots of videos) at:

Zoomer's cat-back exhaust. Embedded youtube videos in thread below:

Flowmaster V6 Axel Back - (several examples below)
Flowmaster has put together nice video of their V6 axel back kit (American Thunder Kit). (videos beginning on page 2)
Another youtube vid of the AMT:
One last good example of the ATM:

Custom Flowmaster axel-back setup using 40 Series Delta flows:
Member mrray13's custom Flowmaster axel-back setup using Super 44's:
Another custom Flowmaster axel-back setup using Flowmaster Delta Force One Chamber Race Mufflers:
Here is the flowmaster AMT kit with a Magnaflow resonated X-pipe:

Camaro SS LS3 muffler swap. Car also has Airaid CAI, rest all stock. Link below takes you to page 13 of a thread focused on swapping the V8 exhausts with the V6. Look for post # 306.

JBA axle-back Here we have a few clips of the JBA axle-back exhaust kit. First is a short rev. Second is a few drive away clips, and third is more drive bys...

Cherry Bomb exhaust Cherry Bomb extreme cat-back exhaust...look for a few links in post # 21(cold start and rev) and #64 (take off and drive by) - - (Turns out that this is actually the V8 cat-back - not their V6 version - on this V6, but it bolts right up!)

Kook's Cat-Back. Full 2.5" cat-back exhaust system.

Pypes Cat-back. No video of just the cat-back by itself, but with JBA headers, or BBK headers, see links in the two headers sections below.

DynoMax Axle-back youtube video:
Here is a thread with much better examples...dyno sheet page one. Videos starting page 2.

ARK Performance cat-back on a manual:
And a burn out!!...

Gibson Performance Axle-back:

CNT Racing cat-back:

Blastin Bobs:

Pacesetter cat-back:
(NOTE: This particular setup had the X-pipe replaced with a magnaflow resonated X pipe)

***SECTION 2 - CARS WITH SHORTY HEADERS INSTALLED********************************

JBA shorty headers: There is more than one thread concerning these V6 headers:
- (be sure to check more than just page 1 of this thread for video examples...keep in mind scrming also has the MRT version 2 exhaust installed)

- JBA shorty headers / Pypes Cat back. (link in first post, link further down is with BBK LTs installed)

Doug Thorley shorty headers:
- ...also has the Doug Thorley cat-back (post # 23 for video):
-Another with DT shorties and DT cat-back:
- DT shorty headers / MRT 1.0 exhaust:
- Doug Thorley's / MBRP exhaust (and K&N CAI):
- Doug Thorleys / Corsa cat-back:
- Doug Thorleys / Solo catback / Solo High flow cats:
- Doug Thorleys / Flowmaster American Thunder axle-back

***SECTION 3 - CARS WITH LONG TUBE HEADERS INSTALLED*******************************

ARH (American Racing Headers)

-ARH long tubes / L99 mufflers from SS Camaro:

-ARH long tubes / MRT 2.0 exhaust (same car as above, but replaced L99 mufflers with the MRT 2.0s. Also all stock 2.25" pipe replaced with 2.5" No stock components remaining:

-ARH long tubes / MRT 1.0 / AirRaid V2 / Full 2.5" system.

-ARH long tubes / Magnaflow resonated-X pipe / MRT 2.0 exhaust:

-ARH long tubes / Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers:

-ARH long tubes / MBRP exhaust / AirRaid V2 intake:

- Same car as above, but with a Magnaflow resonated-X thrown into the mix:

-ARH long tubes / custom X pipe / 22" glass packs / Flowmaster Super 44s / Magnaflow 4" double-walled tips:

-ARH long tubes / ARH catback system:
BBK Long Tubes

- BBK long tubes / highflow Cats / MRT 1.0 / Hennessy CAI

-BBK long tubes / Magnaflow axle-back exhaust.

-BBK long tubes / Meisterschat HP Z4 Mufflers.

-BBK long tubes / Corsa Cat back / Injen CAI.

-BBK long tubes / Pypes Cat back (look for link in the # 12 post)

-BBK long tubes / Mrt v2 / BBK intake

-BBK long tubes / Magnaflow resonated X / Flowmaster American Thunder

-BBK long tubes / Borla Pro XS / Injen Intake

-BBK long tubes / Injen CAI / ARK N-II catback exhaust:

-BBK long tubes / ARK DTS catback exhaust:

-BBK long tubes / custom magnaflow 6" round mufflers (#14615)

-BBK long tubes / SLP Powerflow exhaust:

-BBK long tubes / Cherry Bomb cat-back

-BBK long tubes / Magnaflow resonated X / stock resonators in place / no mufflers

-BBK long tubes / stock H pipe / stock resonators in place / no mufflers
OBX Long Tubes

OBX Lts with MRT 2 axle back.

OBX long tubes / no cats / magnaflow resonated X / flowmaster exhaust / 2.5" piping ran from front to back.

OBX long tubes / no cats / magnaflow resonated X / magnaflow exhaust

Stainless Works LTs

-Stainless Works LT headers / Random Tech HFC's / SOLO Mach X LLT

STOCK exhaust:

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Now that is a post. Thanks for bringing over a copy. I think we need to add a couple to the MRT section thou. Take a look at my post just above yours and see if any of those would work to add to the sound bites of the MRT info. The only ones for MRT are what SCRMING provided. (It was his that made me decide to get these in the first place.) I think a couple of mine let others hear the MRT is action both at the track and from alongside the Camaro.
for my build check here... ..........................................................TEAM LLT
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KMPrenger For the motha F*ing Win!

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