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Where are you guys getting your oil filters? I've got a good history with K&N, but no one seems to be stocking the filter for the car... Anyone have a good spot to order K&N from and know the part #?
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Thought I'd check back here to help out anyone looking for this....
Rather than ordering from a brick 'n mortar store, I found Auto Parts Warehouse online. They've got the K&N Oil Filters on sale at an incredible price. I ordered 5 of them to pretty much have me setup for the next few years.

K&N Oil Filter | $10.85
Part # HP-7003
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One can never have enough inventory for their Camaro. Good find.

I bought AC Delco oil filter PF2129, bought 5 of them @ 34.85 inc. shipping (6.97 ea.) from ebay. Just recently bought more AC Delco oil filter PF2129, bought 6 of them @ 21.54 inc. shipping (3.59 ea.), again off ebay. I should be set for filters for a couple years now. Over this past weekend I completed my 4th oil change so that leaves me another 7 on the shelf.
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AJUSA.......great discounts if you buy volume. I usually pay about $9 a filter after my discounts.
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Posted this on another thread, but thought I'd throw it up here too. Advance Auto has a special through May 25th, 5 quarts of Mobil 1 synthetic and a Mobil 1 filter for $32.99. Add an extra quart at $8.19 and your set for $41. It's not a K&N, but you save about $27 and the Mobil 1 filter is usual $19.99.

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