2015 goes completely dead when trying to start

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I bought a slightly wrecked 2015 with a clean title and have replaced the radiator and other front parts. This car has not been started since I bought it. I charged up the battery (12.5 volts) and made sure connections are tight. When I turn the key to ON the dash lights and other electricals come on, but when I try to start it the entire electrical system goes black. If I unhook the battery and wait a while the system will re-set, but the same problem recurs when I try to start it. The motor turns over freely with a socket on the front pulley nut so it's not frozen. Any educated guesses what the problem is? Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to Bowtie V6. Wish I could help you on this one, but I am not an expert in that area. Sounds like the computer thou is not talking to the system somehow.
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