2LT IOM, IO interior, black stripes, auto 2010 Camaro V6 3.6

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rtcat600man wrote:
rtcat600man wrote:
My current WISH LIST is complete. NO MORE MODS, at the present moment. Nothing on my list of things to do, or want. I am not sure what I will do next, but always have my eyes open.

The mods continue, ....... :rotfl: .....time for an update, been a while........ :facepalm:

Technostalgia Afterburner Tail Lights

New tires Nitto Motivo 275/40/20 in all 4 corners

New fog lights and headlight bulbs

Throttle Controller by Vitesse Motorsports

Added Blue LED lights to glove box and center console

Defenderwerx Shifter

Vitesse paddle shifters

New Battery

Change transmission fluid to Royal Purple ATF

New Spark Plugs

Home made sub frame connector.

New Windshield


now 7 years, 1 month 2 days old

photo is from this morning

Maybe you can add a Heritage Grill? :hail: :thumbsup:
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Maybe you can add a Heritage Grill? :hail: :thumbsup:

I already have a grill piece in place. I went with the grill I have now, because I did not like how the heritage grill gave it a bid beak look from the side. just my opinion. See some of my photos and you can see my upper and lower matching grill pieces.
for my build check here...http://bowtiev6.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=57 ..........................................................TEAM LLT

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