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rtcat600man wrote:That is ONE WICKED looking Twin Turbo V6 CAMARO...........VERY NICE.

I see your following the BS threads on the hate site....feel free to correct any of the false statements. The top mounts are alive and well, and so are all but 3 of the centri systems we have sold (can't account for them) and thats well over 40 some World wide. At least point out the FSP did the tune Butters was not happy left here making nearly 40 rwhp more and running awesome before they got into it. :thumbsup:
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Yes, cost is north of $100,000! If I were my own customer and paying for the engineering, machine work & labor, that figure would be at $150,000. Now that includes the new purchase price of the vehicle. I used the best of materials that are available anywhere on the planet for this project. My goal was high HP out of a small engine, factory or better reliability, docile diveability, mileage potential close to factory and simply making a small displacement engine behave like a modified
V-8. I was always a small block Chevy fan but once I researched the new DI V-6 engines, I was sold on the technology and immediately understood the crazy potential of these small engines. I have built turbocharged engines all my life, going back to the 60's and always knew that sooner or later, forced induction would be common place. Best of both worlds. Power and economy without sacrificing driveability. And yes, I would do it again. I've driven SS's and ran them on the street, no competition. A friend of mine has a moderately modified Vette that turns consistent high 11's, very low 12's in the quarter and we have run on the street 5 or 6 times. From a standing start, I launched and pulled him 1/4 car length, he works on me from about 30-60, staying even and then I pulled him from there. So, this gives you an idea of how the car runs. And that's without the NOS. I have built many pro-street vehicles in my life and never, have I been so amazed at how this 3.6 liter V-6 Camaro runs. (One important note is that the Borg Warner EFR turbo's have a revolutionary turbine wheel & shaft that is as light as the compressor wheel!! This allows lag to be reduced significantly, due to lower inertial mass.) The turbo system has been on the car since 6000 miles and 2 years later, (28,000 miles) has never had one single problem except when the passenger side cat converter core extruded down from the 4" body to the 2 1/2" exhaust pipe and choked off air flow. I drive it everyday to and from my shop and even take occasional trips in it with complete confidence. Once Tracy gets his hands on another computer, we are confident that we can extract another 25-50 HP. Right now, A/F's are in a high safety zone and even small areas of the mapping are a bit too rich, thus reducing power a bit, but even if nothing else can be done with the tune, it is plenty acceptable for me.

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