Whew! LONG week.

1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, track times

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Just cleaning up here after a 12 hour drive from Palmetto, FL to Bristol TN to put on the second annual Spring Fling 20's.

To learn more on the race go to: www.bracketraces.com and click on the news section. ESPEN and Inside Drag racing were filming all week as well.

We gave $12,500 to win on Thursday, and $20,000 to win Fri, Sat, and Sun. This race brings the best in the world from everywhere you can imagine and we gave away a dragster, and $28,000 in prizes to best loosing packages, etc.

Troy Coughlin Jr won a dragster race (he is just starting his racing career at age 18 making a big splash)

These races are won and lost by thousandths and ten thousandths of a second and the skill involved is unreal.

When you read the articles Peter Biondo is my son-in-law, Kyle Seiple is the son of one of the more famous dragracers on the West coast and Kyle is as well, and Emily is my youngest daughter. Were a drag racing family and have gotten involved in the promotion end the past few years.

I know many of the members here dont follow this sport that close, but it is a great way to learn and we use the knowledge gainned on the drag strip to design the products we do for you the enthusiast.

Questions? Just ask. This is our life and we enjoy sharing the experiances.
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Cool. Always like to read your racing updates, :thumbsup:
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very cool!
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I'd just like to say "Thank You". I don't realy follow racing or go to many racing events, but it's people like you that put in the time and testing that lead to our manufacturers and after-market parts companies making such great parts and unbelievable automobiles that the rest of us can have fun in and take pride in. Your "life" makes ours a lot more fun too!!

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