Automatic DRL Relay Harness

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I found this module available from that can be used to automatically turn on an led lighting circuit. I believe it uses a pizo crystal to turn on a relay based off of vibration detected. They say it can be used to wire up any 5w led bulb.

I added a ZL1 front end this year and still needed to power up the lower fog/ drls. This is a very simple connection to battery positive and ground, then plug in the lights.

I had to lengthen the wires, add a fuse and then install the conduit. The positive is connected to the under hood fuse block and ground to radiator mounting bolt. The wiring to the lights routed and then plugged in. The module was attached to the catch can bracket with tie straps. My first choice didn't vibrate enough to keep it turned on.

Since I wired it to battery positive it will turn on the lower drl any time engine vibration is felt and turns off 20 sec after engine stops.
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Thanks for posting this up. Interesting way to light those lights up.
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