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Hello everyone!

I am so glad to be part of this awesome group.
A little background: I just bought a beautiful red 2014 LS Camaro 6spd. I love it so much! I needed an affordable car and something that would not kill me on insurance! This fit the bill perfectly!

I am shocked how fast this car is and I love running through the gears.

Here is the deal – While affordable and my loan is super small – I had to make some sacrifices on equipment/options. Also, I had to buy what was on the lot to get some of the deals I got as well.

So, I need to add a few things – I need fog lights. I just love the way the make a car look and I just cannot stand the little vent covers. I found these:


Does anyone have any experience with these? Do you like the non-switched ones? I think I would just choose the stock bulbs that come with the kit and not opt for the upgrades – smart or mistake? I want it to look as stock as possible. I also like the fact that I don’t have to install a switch as well and drill into my dash.


These gauges look awesome – I really want a set. I have read they are plug and play. I buy this kit and just install without having to splice anything. Anyone have experience with these?

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Hello and Welcome to BowtieV6.

CONGRATS on your new ride. Smart choice.

All thou I have no experience with adding either mod that you posted, I have seen and read about both of those mods being installed and everyone seems to be happy with those choices. The company you are getting this thru many have used in the past for many different upgrades and improvements.

Good Luck and go for it. Maybe even post up a DIY thread here for these mods for others to follow in the future. Providing your experience and install with photos.
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Thanks for the reply! Sounds good - I'm just trying to find the best kit for the money, and what will look the most "stock." When I go ahead with both I will write up a DIY forsure.
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I haven't done the mods myself either but seem to be good choices for what you are after. Definitely keep us in mind when doing the install to throw up some pics along the way :D

Welcome to the site btw! :cheers:
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