RKSport body kit install opinions needed

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Hi, I'm new to the forum :wave: and have a couple of questions about the installation of an RKSport body kit.
Yesterday I purchased a new, never installed RKSport full body kit from a private party, 3M tape still on, unpeeled, excellent condition. It has been painted Synergy Green, so I will have to repaint to Victory Red. I got one heck of a deal, so I'm hoping it will be worth it. He didn't have any installation info, so my question is (for anyone who has done it) how hard is it to install, does RK provide a good fit, should fasteners be used in conjunction with the 3M tape, and/or should I take it to be professionally installed or try it myself? :shrug: I've called a few places in my area (body shops) and so far, no one installs body kits. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :thumbsup:

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