Z28 suspension for 2015 2ls?

Springs, Sway Bars, Shocks, Brakes, Etc

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First upgrade I want is suspension then brakes and wheels/tires. So from watching all the YouTube reviews on the z28(gtr killer) they say the suspension and brake setup is what really makes the difference. From chevyperformance - "The components are designed for compatibility with Camaro SS. Some additional modifications and fabrication may be required with some components adaptable to V6 models. Check out the entire collection and take your Camaro’s performance to the next level."

Does anyone know exactly what fabrications will have to be made? Is this something the dealer will even tackle? If anyone has found any answers fill me in, the internet has no answer yet.
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Great question, if you find out, please post it up, I too am curious now that you mention it.
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